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Return Trip To Virgin Beach from Candidasa
White Sand Beach/Virgin Beach 
(Hidden beach east of Candidasa)
Pasir Putih Beach in East Bali is one of the island's ‘hidden’ beaches. Despite its remote location, this beach gained popularity being referred to by various nicknames, such as Perasi Beach referring to its village where it is located, including ‘White Sand Beach’, ‘Virgin Beach’ and simply, ‘Hidden Beach’. The secluded coast of Pasir Putih Beach stretches between two hills between the villages of Bugbug and Perasi, both located in the Karangasem regency and approximately 9.9km ( approx 26 minute) east of the main hub of Candidasa .
The name ‘Virgin Beach’ perhaps was what came into the minds of the first foreign visitors who ‘discovered’ the beach and found a pristine stretch of sand with fantastic views of the small rocky islet of Gili Biaha on the horizon. The allure of Pasir Putih lies in its serene setting and calmer waves compared to the popular shores to its west. A unique combination of boulders in the sand near the cliffs, and white sand streaked with black – despite one of its given names, ‘White Sand Beach’ - add to its appeal.

Following its growing popularity, several locally-run restaurants and cafes (better referred to as traditional 'warung') can be seen lining the eastern side to west side of Pasir Putih Beach,  In front of these warung and cafes are colourful parasols and cushioned day beds. At the far western end, traditional jukung outriggers of the fishermen from Perasi and Bugbug can be seen parked in rows, against a backdrop of the rock face known as Bukit Penggiang
Good to Know about Pasir Putih 

Visitors to Pasir Putih Beach can enjoy various water activities, such as swimming, snorkelling, and sunbathing, or simply indulge in various dishes served with excellent views. Seafood and grills are the common standard, while international yet simple selections such as sandwiches and omelettes are also available. Optionally, served with refreshing young coconuts cut open on order, cold bottled soft drinks and beers, and fresh blends and fruit juices. Several warung also provide gear rentals, and some also offer guide services to accompany on various fishing, snorkelling and diving trips.

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